10 Random Facts

Outfit Details:   Top  // Jeans are old Madewell (similar  here  and  here ) // Similar earrings  here  // Similar sandals  here  and  here ) //  Bag  (similar  here )

Outfit Details: Top // Jeans are old Madewell (similar here and here) // Similar earrings here // Similar sandals here and here) // Bag (similar here)

Hello and welcome! 

Have you ever played an ice breaker where you have to tell two truths and a lie or share a random fact about yourself? I love those games so much and love learning facts about someone that wouldn't normally come up in casual conversation. 

So, I figured what better way to introduce myself and this new platform than to share some of my very own random facts with y'all! 

1.  My favorite dessert/splurge of choice is ice cream, hands down! I'm not a cake person at all and don't have a huge sweet tooth, but I'd be hard pressed to deny a bowl of ice cream. I studied abroad in Florence during college and one of the best things about my time in Italy was the [almost] daily intake of gelato!! 

2.  I've traveled to 18 countries, most of which I've been to in the last 10-12 years of my life. I'm super blessed to say that I've traveled across 4 continents and have seen things like Victoria Falls and Mount Everest with my own eyes. Truly some of my favorite memories in life are those I've spent traveling the world with my family. 

3.  Along that same vein, I'm a certified scuba diver! We grew up going on spring break with the same four families, and while we usually vacationed in the beautiful town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, one year we went to Belize over the summer instead. Prior to our trip, all of us got certified to dive. It is one of the most amazing experiences in the world! Dying to do it again soon. Just need to get that hubby of mine certified, so he can join! ;)

4.  Speaking of... I'm married to Michael Jordan. That's right, my husband's name is Michael Jordan, no joke! It's really funny seeing people's reactions to finding out and he's got a few good comebacks of his own. Yes, we've seen the commercial and have heard all your jokes, but we think it's pretty amusing, too! 

5.  I have a constant need for my nails to be painted at all times. I call unpainted nails "naked nails" and it is seriously an issue for me to go out in public that way! I couldn't care less what anyone else's nails look like but mine need to be done. Always.

6.  I prefer iced coffee over hot. I'll drink it iced year-round, regardless of weather, aside from random occasions when I feel the need to warm up. My go-to drink these days is an Iced Americano (espresso and water) with cinnamon powder on top. 

7.  I don't have many "fears", but I truly hate rollercoasters and anything that involves a free falling motion. I've hated this feeling since I was a kid and always refused to ride roller coasters growing up. I know with certainty that I could never skydive or bungee jump because of this, too. No thank you!

8.  I'm obsessed with March Madness and get super into the tournament every year. I fill out a bracket after combing through articles and expert predictions for hours. It's a very serious event and things can get pretty competitive with anyone who's in a bracket challenge with me! My grandpa was a college basketball coach at Austin College in Texas, so I feel like this is an ode to him and his love for the game.

9.  If you've met me, you might find this hard to believe, but there was a time when I was the tallest girl in my class. I grew super early and was pretty much the same height I am today (5'5") when I was 11 or 12 years old. So, if you do the math, I've been the same height for close to 15 years!

10.  I know all the words (including spoken parts) of the first song in Beauty and the Beast, "Belle". We recently saw the live-action version and a couple days later I showcased this talent to my husband, who was surprised to say the least. What can I say?! It was my absolute favorite movie growing up! 

Do you love ice breakers as much as I do?! I'd love to hear a random fact about you in the comments below!