Stocking Stuffers Under $25

Can y'all believe Christmas is ONE WEEK from today!? Who else is a little freaked out by that!? Well, I hope you've got most of your shopping done at this point, but don't worry, a lot can be done in one week's time... I'm counting on it! ;)

For this year's final gift guide I wanted to share some of my favorite stocking stuffer ideas, all of which are under $25 (most actually under $20)! These are things you can find almost anywhere at this point, so fear not about shopping online for these exact items and having to ship them to your house by next weekend. Everything you see in this image came from one of four retailers: Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Target or J.Crew. I love all four of these for small items like stocking stuffers because the variety is huge and the price point is perfect!

Here are my sixteen SUPER easy and fun stocking stuffer ideas!

1. Coin purse or small pouch - I LOVE pouches and use them for all sorts of things like jewelry, lipsticks, medicine, pens, and money, of course. 

2. Candle - Enough said...

3. Nail polish - Or really any small beauty item (blush, lipgloss, a new mascara, makeup brushes, etc)

4. Lipstick set - See above :)

5. Bath salts or bath bombs - They're all the rage right now and perfect for a relaxing night in!

6. Invisibobble hair ties - I'm also a big fan of teleties. If you haven't tried these yet, they would make a PERFECT stocking stuffer! My new favorite hair ties to use, hands down!! 

7. Other hair items - I love these bow hair ties, too, and also love a good mini brush or headband. Much like with the beauty gifts, anything in this camp is always a fun and easy gift idea for a girl!

8. Warm socks (or slippers) - I always cross my fingers that my stocking will have a pair of cozy socks in them! Seems so basic but for a girl who struggles to stay warm in the winter, warm and fuzzy socks are a must!

9. A small journal or notebook - Another easy and basic item, but very practical as well. I love this personalized one from Anthro.

10. Earrings - Target and Nordstrom are awesome places to look for little jewelry pieces like these adorable earrings. At under $15, these would surely make any girl smile on Christmas morning!

11. Phone case - I'm always noticing other people's phone cases and would love to change mine out every now and then, but it's just not something I ever buy for myself. This brand I found at Nordstrom is becoming a go-to for me. This one is my personal fav!

12. Minimergency Kit - I actually got one of these in my stocking a few years back and now suggest it to anyone who's filling a stocking! In this tiny little pouch are 17 must-haves for all girls like hairspray, a safety pin, clear elastics, pain reliever and dental floss. Seriously the perfect thing to throw in your purse for any emergency situation!

13. Face mask - Another great gift for anyone who loves to pamper themselves. I'm actually kind of obsessed with trying new face masks or sheets and will often put one on while watching a movie or show by myself on a random night in. 

14. Beautyblender - Maybe the easiest $20 to spend on this list. Anyone would thank you for a new one of these!

15. Fun keychain - Whether it be tassels, their initial or another fun design, a new keychain is always a cute way to spruce up your otherwise very boring set of keys. Having a big one also helps me find my keys in my purse WAY faster! :)

16. Dry shampoo - Let's be honest, I wash my hair maybe twice a week... aka I'm a big fan and firm believer in dry shampoo. Another very easy beauty gift to throw in your girls' stockings this year that will most definitely come in use!

Well friends, that's it for the gift guides this year! I hope you enjoyed them and found some good inspiration. I personally love stocking stuffers and finding small little gifts that will be fun for someone to open!

Hoping everyone has a great and RELAXING week leading up to Christmas and praying that the joy and peace of the season finds you wherever you may be in life. Happy Monday. Talk soon!

xx Alex