Transitioning A Dress Into Colder Months

If you've been around here a while it's probably no surprise to see me talking about or wearing a dress. It's my go-to look and dresses will always be my favorite thing to wear! However, it's easy to get lost or confused when trying to wear dresses in cold weather, so today I wanted to share a few of my tips on how to do so! There are for sure some dresses that have no business being worn into fall/winter (I'm looking at you brightly colored florals!) but I'm also a big believer that many dresses can indeed keep being worn a little longer... let's talk about how to make that happen!


The biggest issue I have with dresses in cold weather is bare legs. Definitely not going to stay warm with your legs out in the cold, so my absolute #1 tip with dresses is to throw on a pair of leggings (or tights). There are SO many cute styles of leggings and tights these days, so feel free to get creative. I'm a sucker for a solid black legging with pretty much anything though haha! My favorite leggings have truthfully come from places like Old Navy and GAP, but I also hear amazing things about Spanx leggings and may need to give those a try sometime...



An obvious tactic in the fall/winter months, but if you think about it, this can actually be a great styling tip to help you wear your favorite dress while it's chilly out. I am ALL about sweaters, vests and tailored jackets this time of year. Not only do pieces like that go with jeans, leggings, and pretty much anything else (making them a wonderful staple in your closet) but you can also pair with a dress for a warmer look. I dare you to try on a dress with a faux fur or shearling vest and tell me it's not the cutest thing you've ever seen! ;)



Along the same vein of layering, this also applies to your accessories! Let's be honest, we're all basic girls deep down, loving our chunky knits and scarves, all with a Starbucks latte in hand... Well, good news for you! Scarves, hats, gloves and a great pair of boots can elevate your dress into an appropriate winter look in no time. Again, think about pieces that can be staples in your closet and worn with tons of other things like my favorite Frye boots and this perfect scarf

I really hope y'all give these tips a try and see how you can style your favorite dresses into winter, all while staying nice and cozy! You'll most definitely see me doing so over the next few months...

Thanks for stopping by. Happy hump day!