Gift Guide: The Jet Setter

jet setter.jpg

01. blanket scarf // 02. portable charger // 03. baby buttercup dryer // 04. sleep mask //            05. quilted nylon tote // 06. comfortable travel flats // 07. travel shawl //           08. marbled rolling carry-on // 09. passport holder // 10. oversized travel tote

I feel slightly crazy typing this out, but let's be honest, Christmas (and the holiday season in general) are right around the corner. In fact, today marks SEVEN weeks until Christmas day!! What!?

With that in mind, I'm officially launching holiday geared content for y'all and today we're starting with my first Christmas 2017 gift guide... all for the jet setter! Whether it's you or not, we all have someone in our lives who loves to travel, and truthfully, many of these gifts are practical for anyone

As I continue to plan and write holiday content, I'd love to hear from you about what YOU want to see this year. I'm planning on sharing [at least] one gift guide per week leading up to Christmas, but what else do you want to see? Party planning tips, holiday outfits, traditions, DIY...!? Comment on this post or send me an email with your ideas!

I also have some exciting news to share - I'm officially on after many of you asked for an easier way to shop via Instagram. SO, make sure to find me on Instagram and download the LTK app for your phone (which is SO cool and easy to shop from btw!) so we can stay connected! ;)

Talk soon...