What To Wear To A Fall Or Winter Wedding

wedding look.jpg

Considering we had a wedding last weekend and have another this weekend, what better time to talk fall/winter wedding guest wear!? If you saw my Instagram post from this past weekend, you know that this pretty champagne dress I wore to our most recent wedding was one I've had for 11 years! I swear to you... I wore this dress to my sophomore year homecoming when I was just a little 16 year old! I'm all about classy dresses and styles and colors that I think will stay around for a while, and boy did I get lucky with this one!

That being said, those are the types of dresses I wanted to share with y'all today! Obviously keeping in mind what is appropriate color and style wise for the season/weather but I also looked for pieces that aren't faddish, so that you'll have the luxury of [hopefully] re-wearing any of these down the road to other events!





Several of these are on my personal wish list now! I'm especially loving the crushed velvet styles and anything in that blushy pink tone. So perfect! Which one is your favorite!?