10 Morning Habits

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I am a creature of habit and many people like to label me as "Type-A" or "OCD"... and to be fair, I really can't argue with those labels! Whatever it may be, I do love my routines and am a firm believer that a good morning routine is key to getting the day started off right!

While I'm no expert, I thought it might be fun to share with y'all what a typical morning looks like for me. Some of these are pretty obvious, while others might surprise you. PS, these aren't necessarily in any particular order, but rather just 10 things I try to do each morning!

1. Drink a big glass of water. You've probably heard many people say this, but I try really hard to drink water first thing in the morning to wake my body and metabolism up, flush toxins out, and fill me up a bit before eating breakfast. 

2. Make the bed. Might sound obvious but truth be told, I didn't use to be an avid bed maker... until I got married. Once Michael and I got married, I really started prioritizing taking care of our bedroom to make sure it always feels like a clean, comfortable, and cozy space. Making sure the bed is made is just one of those small steps toward reaching that goal.

3. Have quiet time. This looks different every morning, but I try to focus my mind and heart first thing in the morning through prayer, reading or some combination of the two. I don't journal on a daily basis, but when I am journaling, this is the time of day that happens as well. It's an important part of my morning and helps me start the day with a calmer spirit. 

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4. Coffee or tea. I switch up what I like drinking in the morning, often it's either green tea or a blended coffee/protein powder drink, but I love having something comforting to drink while doing my quiet time and starting the morning. 

5. Eat a good breakfast. Much like making the bed, I never used to eat breakfast. I have no idea why, but I just wasn't into breakfast food or taking the time to make something. Now I feel like I almost can't survive without breakfast! I keep things very simple here but always go for something healthy and filling like oatmeal and fruit, eggs, or a smoothie.

6. Skim emails. Once I open up my phone, I will first skim through any emails that came in since I went to bed and make sure nothing is super pressing or urgent. (Same goes for text messages). I rarely reply to or send emails in the early morning but will make note of anything that needs attention and come back to it a little later on, which takes me to #7...

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7. Make to-do list for the day. I will often have a list going from the previous day of any tasks that weren't completed, but once getting up and checking out my calendar and emails, I'll add to that list and try to prioritize what needs to get done first. I'm also a huge lover of the reminders app on my iPhone and use it constantly! I set reminders for almost everything in my life haha. It's a great way to make sure you don't forget about something!

8. Workout. Everyone has their own opinion on this, so to each their own, but I'm someone who needs to workout in the morning as opposed to afternoon or evening. I feel like it's easier to push off a workout the longer in the day you wait for it and since my schedule is usually pretty flexible, I'll do whatever I can to fit it into the first half of the day and make sure it gets done then!

9. Complete my biggest task of the day first. A very common idea you'll come across if you research morning habits of successful people and something that (I just learned) oddly enough stems from a Mark Twain quote: "Eat a live frog first thing in the morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day." Many people have interpreted this to mean that you should tackle your biggest task of the day first. "Choose your frog" for the day, if you will... I've practiced this idea for many years, across several different jobs and industries, and it really does work. If you focus your energy and time first thing in the morning to the hardest, most stressful, difficult, and/or time-consuming task of the day, the rest of the day is downhill from there!

10. Read publications for research/post planning. I always spend some time of my morning doing some sort of "research" for the blog and its content. This varies from catching up on other blogs I follow, scrolling through Instagram and getting caught up there, browsing fashion magazines and publications, and researching upcoming sales or events going on. By spending some time each and every day doing this I'm able to plan content better, learn more and stay in tune with my audience and my peers. 

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I'm so curious to hear what y'alls morning routines look like! Anyone else a stickler about making the bed or having something yummy to drink? Tell me your best morning practice down below!